Travel Journal Vol. 1: India's Pink City, Jaipur

Travel Journal Vol. 1: India's Pink City, Jaipur - Llani

this july we traveled to india to get inspired and work with our makers face to face. we had an amazing experience discovering incredible parts of each city we visited. first up- jaipur.


we started off in india's pink city, jaipur- best known for it's traditional crafts, design, and unique heritage architecture. jaipur is a royal city, and a shopping epicenter. leather, textile, and jewelry artists create custom pieces for the wealthy merchants and travelers who want to get a taste of india's inherently beautiful material culture. the experience of meeting an artisan and overseeing their work, their craft, being developed right in front of your eyes is so rare and unique to this part of the world. the city of jaipur almost seems untouched by modern technology that overwhelms other cities i have chosen to travel to. 


between shopping, we headed straight to one of the beautifully renovated palaces for mid-day meals and a break from the heat. our favorite spots were full of incredible decor inspired by indian heritage themes with a very modern twist. for lunch the sujan rajmahal palace is a must. the staff will be happy to give you a tour of the property. we were mesmerized by the 50 different custom wallpapers created exclusively for the hotel.  later, grab a drink at taj rambaugh palace in the polo lounge and wander the vast lawns to chase the peacocks. although we preferred the traditional tastes of indian cuisine, it's wasn't hard to find an upscale dining experience. for dinner we loved bar palladio to gawk at the incredible interiors, and stroll the nearby shops at narain niwas palace. these secluded places were a stark contrast to the city's streets, which are crowded with local merchants. 

we can't wait for our next trip to jaipur. being there 3 days still was not enough time to explore ever sight we wanted to see in the great pink city.



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