Llani, a globally-inspired shoe collection, is the result of a partnership between a seasoned shoe designer, Alana Oates, and a coterie of immensely talented artisans & craftsmen she has met while working in India. “Llani” is the designer’s childhood nickname. Our slippers, flats, and slides are hand-crafted with a touch of luxurious coziness that takes the edge off your day. Llani is made with our design and production partners in India. The factories we work with are female founded or family owned, and we ensure that female workers have strong leadership roles at each factory. We take great care to work with only high-quality materials such as leather, suede, and genuine shearling. We maintain close working relationships with our vendors. Our embellishments — beading, trims, and motifs, are delicately created by hand. Due to the handcrafted nature of our product, every shoe in the line is one of a kind.

Alana Oates, Founder Llani

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