Travel Journal Vol. 2 Delhi, Jaipur & A Bit On COVID

Travel Journal Vol. 2 Delhi, Jaipur & A Bit On COVID - Llani

Travel Journal Vol. 2 Delhi, Jaipur & A Bit On COVID

hi friends, i'm fresh off two back to back development trips to india amid the covid crisis. while it was a stressful time to travel, i'm so thankful i had the opportunity to work with my friends and partners before the world closed it's doors. i feel uncertain about what will become of the work we did, but i think it's giving us all something to look forward which keeps us optimistic.

now india has shut down completely until at least mid april. unlike the usa, where i live, where there is still traffic on my street and we can all walk with our families to a local park or outdoor space, many indians are not allowed to leave their homes unless it's for food. this is enforced by police with a baton. i read a quote yesterday about how we are all in the same boat, but not facing the same storm. for many of us, we can enjoy these slow moments and take pause. however for many people a round the world, this time will be completely disruptive, their worlds are turned upside down, making it hard for them to come out unscathed.

some of the partners i work with have now switched their production over to help make masks. i'm exploring ways for us to assist their efforts, and i'll have more on that soon.

there are days when i feel grateful for my opportunities and excited to get back to normal life. for me, that means creating and connecting with people from all over the world who love our brand. other days i fall into a paralyzed feeling where i can't see the light. never the less, we will all move on from this.

i wanted to share these images with you as a kind reminder of our beautiful world and i hope you enjoy them. i'm thinking of each and every one of you as we are going through this together. if anyone else has a story to share, or a question, please comment or reach out to me personally at i would love to hear from you.

xo alana

a female factory worker in delhi india


beautiful sari trims a women selling vibrant handbags in delhi india
this woman is one of my favorite vendors in delhi. the creations she sells are so vibrant and they are all hand made in rajasthan india. you can shop our curated collection market selection
hand letter truck in delhi india man driving a rickshaw in jaipur india

the streets of delhi india

views from the streets of delhi and jaipur

two women wearing bright colors in from of a wallpapered wall

on the right is trapti, she is part of our team in delhi. she and her business partner manage all of our production and development. she is the hardest worker i know and she never forgets a thing! she and i chat on what's app every day all day working to create beautiful things even when we are thousands of miles away. our conversations only end when one of us has to sleep. she's my work wife/ soul sister and i'm so thankful for her. 
silver leather woven handbag
trapti and me passing off our silver leather woven bag, coming soon!
hawa mahal in jaipur
hawa mahal in jaipur
hand block printed fabric in a flower motif teal block printed suede llani handbag in front of a hand painted wall in jaipur india
our block printed suede handbags will be coming soon!
caffe palladio in jaipur
caffe palladio jaipur caffe palladio in jaipur india
our matte beaded scrunchie sandal is coming soon too...
lily parkinson taking a photo at jaipur city palace city palace in jaipur with two gaurds
two guards at the city palace in jaipur 
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